About Metal Art and Inge
Boab drawingchalk drawing on panel

rust variationspanels with variations of rusted surface Inge's Metal Art pieces are crafted in 3mm Cor-Ten weathering steel, which is the preferred choice of metal for sculptors because of its beautiful rusting attributes and durability.

Inge lets all her work rust naturally in her garden and refuses to use a much faster chemical process.

The colour of the rust can vary from a yellowish orange to purple, depending on the quality of the water it is exposed to. Most pieces end up a beautiful dark purple after time.  Indoor pieces can be varnished with a clear spray for protection .

Unlike computerised laser cutting, Inge works with a plasma cutter which means that each piece is a uniquely handcrafted individual.

plasma cuttingInge at work plasma cutting

work in progresssteel panel in the workshop

'My inspiration comes from the world around me- nature, people, architecture, books and magazines'.

detaildetail of panels

German born interpreter, Inge Giebeler, started her creative career in Perth in 1983 as a knitwear designer. After moving to a sheep property near Beverley, Western Australia, Inge became a wool classer and still works on the family farm.

Life on the land inspired her creativity and Inge chose jewellery making as her new artistic direction. For many years she supplied WA's leading galleries with her European influenced work.

In 2011 it was time for a change again. Inge learned how to use a plasma cutter and after months of practice, she is now handcrafting some amazing pieces of ornamental steel panels.

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